Watch the Breakthrough Prize Symposium

Return here on November 5, 2018 to watch each of the Symposium sessions via live streaming or through the Breakthrough Prize on Facebook.

10:15 AM Morning Session
Live Stream

The morning session of the Symposium features Angelika Amon (MIT) on extra chromosomes as a potential cancer target; Charles Kane (UPenn) on exotic new electronic materials; Jennifer Doudna (UC Berkeley) on the future of genome editing; Vincent Lafforgue (CNRS, Institut Fourier) on challenges in the Langlands program; and Adrian Krainer (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) on the next generation of precision medicines.


1:35 PM Afternoon Session 1
Live Stream

The first afternoon session of the Symposium features Robert Langer (MIT) on how biomaterials will change our lives; Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard) on imaging cellular molecules; Gene Mele (UPenn) on the road ahead for topological insulators; and James Chen (University of Texas) on tackling inflammation in the next decade.


3:45 PM
Afternoon Session 2
Live Stream

The final session of Symposium talks features Ian Agol (UC Berkeley) on the 4-color theorem; Frank Bennett (Ionis Pharmaceuticals) on trends in genetic medicines; and Jocelyn Bell (University of Oxford) on Fast Radio Bursts.


5:30 PM Panel Discussions
Live Stream

Three panel discussions with Breakthrough Prize laureates past and present, covering life in the Universe, the limits of science, and whether time travel is possible.